Code of Conduct

We recognise that our group is made up of people from diverse backgrounds and lifestyles. We home-educate in many different ways and for many different reasons. Our expectation is that everyone will be tolerant and tactful in their dealings with each other and be aware of, and responsive to, the needs of others in the group. At HENCAST we embrace the general principals of Respect, Integrity and Nurturing.


Respect means honouring other people and treating them with care and courtesy. Respect stems from the belief that other people have as much worth and dignity as you and that harming others or their property is inherently wrong. Respect within the HENCAST community is demonstrated by

  • treating people with courtesy, politeness and kindness;
  • encouraging others to express opinions and ideas;
  • never insulting people, name calling, making disparaging remarks or putting down people or their ideas;
  • treating people the same no matter their race, religion, gender, size, age, sexuality, or country of origin;
  • including all HENCAST members in meetings, discussions, activities and events. While not every person can participate in every activity, we do not marginalise, exclude or leave anyone out;
  • offering praise, appreciation and constructive feedback; and
  • treating others as you wish to be treated.
  • Integrity

    Integrity is the quality of having high moral principles, being reliable and trustworthy. It means consistently matching your thoughts and actions to this value system. Integrity within HENCAST is demonstrated by:

  • following through when you volunteer to undertake a task;
  • taking responsibility for your actions;
  • speaking the truth, being honest and fair;
  • trusting and adhering to your intuition;
  • being genuine;
  • knowing your personal mission statement and making sure that everything you do and say aligns with it; and
  • apologising when you do something wrong - then, doing everything in your power to make it right.
  • Nurturing

    As HENCAST exists to support the children and families who educate at home, crucial to this is the ability to create an environment where both the children and families can thrive. Nurturing within HENCAST is demonstrated by:

  • honouring each child as an individual;
  • providing an inclusive environment and celebrating diversity;
  • collaborating with other families to provide an environment that is safe and welcoming;
  • empowering children by fostering independence and self-confidence;
  • creating deep, personal connections; and
  • creating Community and a social environment where collaboration amongst peers can propel learning to deeper and deeper levels.